Friday, 16 December 2011

Reverb 11: Day 16

Finding time for stillness is a balm to our souls, our family and our creative lives. How do you find moments of stillness in your daily life?

[Another prompt courtesy of Relish 11, Rebecca, and her guest blogger, Celina Wyss.]

I guess you could say that this year's 365 project -- though I will admit, here and now, that I've lost track of it, become tired, let the struggles of unemployment pull me down -- was an exercise in stillness. Looking at that list of Twitter prompts, I am reminded now of each and every happiness moment, and those moments now have a still, eternal kind of quality. I guarded them carefully, and at the beginning of the project I was bowled over by how much this single act of seeking happiness in the smallest of things had the potential to open up my day. If you look for joy in those tiniest of moments, you will find it, guaranteed.
I remember the stillness of standing on my parents' porch, life noisy and happy inside -- I'd gone outside just for that moment of quiet. There was a thunderstorm gathering in the air. And I remember that day a few weeks later, when the prolonged surge of heat that was our summer broke, like a fever, and left the world outside dizzy and shimmering. I remember sitting at my desk and sipping a gifted vanilla latte. I remember that sudden spike of sweetness in the heart of a purple clover bud.

Now? Sometimes I fear that my life is too still. A constant source of irony: you work, and complain about working because you never have time to get everything done; and then you stop working, and all of a sudden the weight of all that extra time immobilizes you in exactly the same way. 

But sometimes I forget how much of a gift this can be, too -- all of these hours in front of me to stop, and rest, and find that energy. The unemployment won't last forever, and all too soon I'll find myself surrounded by movement and longing for stillness. So today's prompt, if nothing else, has made me stop, and think, and be still if only for a moment. It's definitely something worth keeping in mind.

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