Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Two new publications!

So. A funny thing happened yesterday. Was just about to close up shop and make my way to work when a friend posted a rather nice little message on Twitter. Said message read like this:

Got a nice three-part Valentine's Day gift from , with work by , , and .

It was a lightning bolt of surprise. Cliché, but true. Curious as to why? Read on ...

I submitted two pieces to filling Station back in July of last year, and never heard anything back from them. Since they state on their website that their response time is 3-4 months, when October rolled around and I hadn't received anything from them, I figured they'd turned me down. Imagine my surprise, then, to hear, via someone else, that my work actually had made it into the journal. Exciting! Fun!

I thought it was a joke at first, naturally. Or that this friend had somehow misread my name. Maybe the essays in his issue had been written by an Amanda DeLuc. (You have no idea how often people mix up my name like that.) So I sent him a Twitter message to confirm. And eureka--'twas all true! Both essays that I'd submitted to the journal had been chosen for publication. Woot woot!

Of course, adding to the drama (because there's always drama, always) was the fact that one of the pieces, "Mr. Dolittle", had in the meantime been accepted and published somewhere else. So as soon as I got over my elation at the fact that two of my pieces (two! Two at the same time! TWO!) were appearing in an issue, I shot them a wee little email explaining the situation. Also wrote to clarify as to how, exactly, they'd managed to publish two of my pieces without ever getting in touch with me.

It's a bit of a tricky thing, this simultaneous publication business. It was simplified a great deal by the fact that the initial publication had only acquired first-time rights, and also further simplified by the fact that neither publication would be paying for the work. (Sometimes, it would seem, there are advantages to not getting paid.) Anyway, the upshot of it all is the the non-fiction editor sent me a lovely, lovely email right back, explaining that they'd had several staff and structural changes over the past year, and that the magazine had experienced a bit of upheaval in the process and unfortunately allowed some correspondence to fall through the cracks. He apologized profusely for the situation and noted, happily, that there was no issue in reprinting the one piece. Hallelujah.

So! Now I get to add two (two! TWO!) more publications to The List. I'm also chuffed about the non-fiction acceptance. I love writing novels and short stories, but it's very nice to know that I can turn my hand to another medium in a way that doesn't send readers screaming for the door.

In the meantime, work on the new novel continues. Predictably, I have been overcome with a sudden need to delve into a new television series, and am thus spending perfectly usable writing hours scouring the Internetz, on the lookout for my newest Favourite Show. The eminently respectable Will Johnson tells me that Breaking Bad really is the way to go. I foresee many more hours spent in the testing of this noble hypothesis.