Tuesday, 29 January 2013

WritBits 6

The last time I posted a WritBits was back in June. Oh my goodness gracious -- how awful! But there are plenty of literary goings-on in the world at the moment, so thought I'd showcase a few, and get another blog post out of the way while I'm at it. (Sneaky, I know.)

The theme of WritBits 6, as you will see from below, is CONTESTS. CONTEST, CONTESTS, and MORE CONTESTS. 

1) PRISM International 2013 Fiction Contest: The deadline for this year's contest was originally January 25th, but it's been extended to February 5, as you can see here. Which is PERFECT, as I'm behind on All The Things. Again. So whip that story into shape, kids, and get'er in to PRISM.

2) GEIST Literal Literary Postcard Contest: The deadline for everyone's favourite postcard story contest has been extended to March 1st. As above: sit up, polish, and get'er in! Full details on the contest (including word limit, what constitutes a "postcard", and all that other jazz) can be found here.

3) The Canadian Writer's Contest Calendar: I know I mention this in practically every WritBit, but it really is such a fantastic publication that my love for it bears repeating. If you're looking for a way to learn about all of the writing contests held in Canada in a given year, check out this website and order yourself a calendar workbook. Really, really, reeeaaaalllly wonderful resource. I can't stress it enough.

4) The Toronto Star Short Story Contest: Contests! Contests galore! The entry period for the Toronto Star Short Story Contest opened on January 5th, 2013, and will run until February 24th. Entries must be no longer than 2,500 words. You can read all of the rules and regulations here.

5) House of Anansi's Broken Social Scene Story Contest: Have you heard about this brilliant anthology idea? To celebrate the ten-year anniversary of Arts & Crafts, the beloved Canadian indie music label, House of Anansi will be publishing a short story collection containing pieces inspired by Broken Social Scene's album You Forgot It In People. To enter, you have to craft a story that uses one of the song titles on the album, either as the title of the story itself or somehow embedded in the theme of your piece. Stories must be between 1000 and 5000 words. The deadline is March 29th. Hey, any excuse to crank up my Broken Social Scene songlist again...

6) CBC Canada Writes Creative Nonfiction Prize: Deadline FAST APPROACHING. As in, the deadline is Friday, February the 1st! Entries must be between 1200 and 1500 words and must be submitted online or by mail before 11:59pm this Friday.

7) Today's Wisdom: brought to you by Roxane Gay: I often struggle with the desire to write more and more and more, and the accompanying fear that I'm not actually getting as many words out into the world as I should. I'm not publishing enough, or writing enough, or doing enough. Etc, etc. But every now and then I come across a few well-chosen words of advice which remind me to sit back and relax in front of my computer screen. Words just like these.

(In case you were wondering, or even in the more likely scenario that you weren't, I have a Complete And Utter Writer Crush on Roxane Gay. The woman's a genius. Really truly.)

8) CBC Canada Writes "The Song That Changed My Life": I love CBC Books. Seriously. In addition to all of those great yearly contests (see above), they've hosted a smattering of "mini" contests throughout the year on various themes. To start 2013, they ran a little contest on their website called "The Song That Changed My Life". About, you guessed it: a song that proved pivotal in the writer's development. We all have those songs, right? When I think of it, and cast the question in the light of my own life, "Karma Police" and "Let Down" come to mind, as well as (for different reasons altogether) "Dog Days are Over". Have a scoot over to the finalists page to see what twenty-five different writers had to say about the songs that changed life for them. Fascinating stuff. As always, make sure you bookmark CBC Books too, just so you can have the inside scoop on their next competition!

And that looks to be it for this round, folks. Of course there are plenty of other contests and fun things happening ALL OVER THE PLACE -- check your faithful Interwebs for details! -- but I think it's time for me to stop procrastinating on my own stories and get some of those contest entries in ...


  1. 30 January (yes, as in tomorrow): Bronwen Wallace

    1 April: Short Grain Contest

  2. Yay for Braydon mentioning Short Grain!

    OMG I did not note the word count for Canada Writes. FUCK.