Saturday, 2 February 2013


So I bought a piano, and it was delivered this morning.

It took the Piano Man ("Sing us a song of the piano man, I'm not reaallly sure how it goes...") and his Trusty Sidekick three separate tries to get it up my little attic stairway.

First they came two weeks ago, and tried to get it through my 3/4 attic door. It almost fit, but not quite.

Then they came again a week ago, and tried to hoist it over my balcony. (It is a digital piano, and thus not as heavy as an acoustic, otherwise they wouldn't have tried for balcony brilliance.) Sadly, that was also a no go.

THEN -- third time's the charm! -- they came again this morning. My landlord came and widened the stairway -- this is how we got my bed into the apartment just over a year ago, when I moved in. Hard to explain, but it involves taking down a section of the wall, and also going into the apartment beneath mine in order to maneuver items through the widened space.

And now it's here. I have a piano. A shiny, beautiful, brand-new, congratulations-on-paying-off-that-credit-card-debt present to myself. I have headphones for it, too, which means I can play it at four in the morning if the mood takes me.

I spent most of my Saturday making food and playing Chopin. It was a very good day.

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  1. Oh, Amanda!!! Good for you! I'm so proud of you!! And so utterly jealous that you can play. I just sit at mine and hope I'll have a moment of genius and start playing Beethoven. AGAIN, I wish we lived closer.