Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Yay for writing books!

Will Johnson wrote a post a couple of days ago about the joys of publishing a book, and seeing your friends publish their books alongside you. It's a pretty awesome post, naturally. Will's words on the subject, verbatim: Publishing a book is still a big fucking deal.

I'd have to agree. It is a big deal! It's an exciting earth-shattering thing! Yay for books!

I mention this because tonight I'm off to the official launch for The Best Place On Earth, the short story collection written by my ultra-talented friend Ayelet Tsabari. It's so lovely to have this to look forward to -- to know that my friend wrote a book, that we met each other just as we were settling in to our own respective book news (book twins! Hurrah!), that we could navigate the pitfalls and excitement together. (You can read more about the pitfalls if you hop on over to this week's edition of The Afterword -- Ayelet is guest editing all week.)

Like Will, I've found myself surprised by how common it becomes, when you're a writer, this I-have-a-book-coming-out! business. If you're a writer who happens to like being part of a literary community -- and who doesn't? -- after a while, publishing a book seems a thing almost nonchalant. Oh, I wrote a book. And it got published. And my friend -- she wrote a book too. As did my husband. And my friend's friend. And, you know, the guy that lives down the street. (What can I say? We're in an artsy part of town.)

Etcetera, etcetera.

Yet somehow, this whole book publishing business remains for me, as it does for Will, a Really Big Deal. I'd love to be all Audrey-Hepburn-of-Letters about this, but it's so exciting, so very, very, terribly exciting, to think that my friends are publishing books with their names splashed across the covers. To think that my own little book will arrive on shelves in just over a month's time. (A MONTH!) I can't help but break out into  smiles whenever I think about it.

So tonight I'm going to celebrate my dear friend, and the fact that she's managed to wrest a book into the world. It's a big deal for all of us, even still. In this age of publishing doom-and-gloom and oh-dear-it's-all-going-for-broke and THE WRITTEN WORD IS BEING SMOTHERED BY TV, I'm thrilled to have the chance to give her a hug, and say good for you, and celebrate this book exactly like the big deal that it is.



  1. Aw, Amanda! I just saw this now!!! It's lovely and you got me all teary. I had similar thoughts the other day, and I totally agree. It's a big deal! And don't let anyone tell you otherwise! LOVE

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  3. I don't know how I missed this. Glad you liked my post. And I definitely agree with all this.