Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Part-Time Life

The days are finally warming up around here. The air conditioner is on. The fan lulls me to sleep at night. And my lovely little rooftop deck is back in business! (When it isn't raining, that is.)
And writing...that's happening too. Slowly. But surely. With all its aches and pains.

A week or so ago I went for lunch with the lovely lady and mastermind behind J.H. Gordon Books. We talked, among other things, about the slight publishing hangover I've been dealing with over the past little while. I knew it would happen. I also knew that getting back into a writing routine, once I'd gone back to part-time work, would prove more difficult than I'd envisioned. And it has been hard. There's this current novel that's proving sluggish and confusing. There's the germ of another novel that's exciting and fresh, but dependent on finishing the first novel, the one that's proving so damn slippery. There are essays that flitter through my head and then disappear as soon as I sit down to get them out. And in and around all of this there are life administrative things to do (hello, dentist), penniless DIY book tours to plan, housework, and an Online Presence to maintain.

All of which is not difficult, understand. On the grand scale of Life Hardship, it's a pretty awesome place to be. I get that.

I guess I'm just finding things a little...strange. The shifting back and forth between a world in which one is a Writer Of A Book That's Now On Shelves, and then the actual reality of being that person who sits in their pyjamas most of the day and for the most part chooses not to interact with the world all that much. I remember this place! Amazing how a job that gets you out of the house each day goes a long way towards making one feel like a functioning member of society, no? And equally amazing how the writing of that new book, job though it might be, makes one (well, me) feel less like a functioning member of society than like some troll (complete with hideous nose and hair) snuffering around in some dank cavern, slowly losing all social mores and sense of momentum.

With that, I point you in the direction of the ever-wise and All-Knowing Oatmeal, who pondered this philosophical troll problem in true and perfect Oatmeal fashion.

Upside: I meet with my lovely, lovely agent tomorrow. A trip to the Big City! Maybe it will offer momentum enough to keep me going through the next few months. Fingers crossed!

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  1. Hang in there, Amanda! This "publishing hang-over" is all part of the process of adjusting to your new role as author. It is a transition that no one can fully understand unless they go through it. You're right though, a reason to leave the house each day does wonders. : ) . Enjoy your patio, hope to see you again soon!

    Allison (Baggio)