Sunday, 1 December 2013

On the eve of winter

There's a definite chill in the air these days. I've pulled the winter coat out of the closet, along with my collection of winter hats (I love winter hats) and boots. (I love boots even more.) Last year, nervous about having my space heaters on through the night, I got in the habit of turning them off just before I went to bed. There's no insulation in my bedroom--or, rather, very little when compared to the rest of the apartment--so inevitably I would wake up in the morning knowing instantly whether or not the temperature had gone below zero. You could feel it, even snug there in the bed.

I'm a little braver this year. The heaters have been on since mid-November.

Things have calmed down now, in earnest. I am completely back into a routine at work, which is great. I'm also getting lots of hours, which is even better. Making money! What a glorious thing. And the nights and days that aren't spent at work have more or less been spent at the desk, writing, or at the stove, cooking, or rolling pastry out in not-so-perfect circles on the counter.

Finished the newest draft of the next novel a few nights ago. It's far from done, definitely, but it's that much closer now. I have something to work with. I know what this novel is trying to do. 

Yesterday and the day before that I made myself a cup of tea after dinner and sat down with a book, to celebrate. A real book! I haven't managed to finish reading a book in ages. How glorious that was. How delightful.

This time three years ago, I'd been home from Scotland for exactly twelve days. The excitement of being home had started to drain away. I had no job. I had a room in my parents' house. I had boxes and boxes of things that sat waiting in the basement. I had a novel that was getting rejected by every house it came across. I was miles away from social things.

It wasn't terrible, certainly, but it was hard.

And now look. Look how much things have changed! Look at what's happened. Look at what could possibly lie ahead in the future: another book, maybe other cities, a hazy pipe dream that beckons more with every day.

I feel very blessed, these days. I feel like the world is filled with wonder. And I hope I can hold onto that, as the days continue to get shorter and my trusty little space heaters do their work of keeping me warm from the cold...


  1. A chill in the air??? It's -31ºC in Saskatoon! Last night when I was walking home from the bar it was -34ºC! (that said, I live in a new basement and haven't yet had to pull out the space heater; have considered wearing my toque to bed on a couple of occasions though)

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