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A week ago I hosted a Steel City Stories evening. It was a great deal of fun. At one point, one of the storytellers mentioned how she’d once had a conversation with me where I said something along the lines of loneliness is part of the writing life, and hearing it from her–as in, my […]

The echoes of a person you once knew

Posted on Apr 16, 2015 in Blog
The echoes of a person you once knew

So I went to AWP last week, and it was lovely. Magical. So much fun. Book fairs and cupcakes and dinners and readings and long talks with friends new and old. One of the nicest hotel rooms I’ve ever stayed in. Long bubble baths at night, reading the haul that I brought back from the […]

Flying away

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I’m heading to Toronto tonight, ahead of our flight tomorrow morning to Minneapolis and the excitement that will be Little Fiction | Big Truths at AWP. I am excited, not-excited, nervous. This happens every single time I travel somewhere–choking anxiety followed by the push on through, the resolution, the one step in front of another […]

Dealing only in truth

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Dealing only in truth

A couple of weeks ago, Penguin Random House (love them forever) sent me a copy of this book to review: They also sent me a copy of THE BURIED GIANT, which is wildly (ha) different from the book above and which–embarrassed face–I’m still trying to get through. I don’t know why I’m having such a […]

Thoughts and things

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I haven’t written in here in what feels like forever. It has not been forever. It has only been one month, a little over. I am so tired of the cold. Even though the snow is gone (hopefully for a long time) there’s still a chill. Two weeks ago we had a Sunday where the […]

Feeding oneself

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I’m going through the submissions to the Big Truths anthology and my heart is breaking, bit by bit. How lovely all of these stories are, and also how sad. How hungry they make me. They’re all about food and they’re also, every one of them, not about food at all so much as they are […]


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I met Roxane Gay yesterday. Roxane Gay. Roxane Gay. She came to IFOA and gave a reading, and a talk. I went for a late lunch with the altogether fabulous Dana of Editorial Eyes fame beforehand, wherein we fangirled and philosophized and ruminated on all that is right (and not so much so) with Canadian […]

The echo of a precarious faith

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I’m reading LOITERING by Charles D’Ambrosio right now, and in love with so much of it. In particular, these bits from the introduction: The assumption here [in reference to St. Augustine] is that faith is not to be confused with certainty; the only thing people can really count on is longing and the occult directives […]


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Back in November, when I was deep in the darkest parts of that depression, or sadness, or funk, or whatever-you-want-to-call-it (can it truly be a depression if you come out of it, if you are loved, if you are lucky, if you have so many things going for you? And on and on and on […]

I resolve, I resolve, I resolve

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So many things. A couple of nights ago I realized that 2015 marks three years since I’ve been in this little attic apartment. Three. Whole. Years. When I moved in I was using a borrowed camp mattress as my bed. I did not have a pillow. I was terrified that I would have to spend […]