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Posted on Jan 25, 2017 in Blog

I have a new essay up over at Little Fiction | Big Truths today.

It’s the first essay–the first thing in general–that I’ve published in over a year. Almost two years. And the reason that I haven’t published anything has a lot to do, in a way, with what this essay explores. And while I’ve spoken about some of what the essay goes into in this space–both the long descent, and the recovery–the essay delves a little deeper into things. Goes back into that place.

I am still trying to understand it, I think. That time.

Today, January 25, is Bell Let’s Talk Day in Canada. I wanted to add a little of my own voice to this conversation, small though it might be. I have been fortunate enough to have been surrounded by loved ones and resources that have helped me in so many ways, but I think it also important to say, too, that it was this, the very act of talking, that got me on the path to healing in the first place.

Talking about mental health is important. It is by no means the only answer, and is only one part of a healthy approach to living with mental illness. But talking about depression saved me, and continues to save me now. I will probably be talking about the heart of this essay-with myself, and others–for years to come. It might be the story that I revisit and come back to again and again, in a hundred different ways, and that’s okay.

Today, among other things, I just want to say: the essay ends, but things got better. They will never be like they were, and I will live with the reality of depression for the rest of my life, but things got better.

Things can get better. Reach for that, and tell someone that you love what you feel you have to say.


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