Out with the old

Posted on Dec 30, 2014 in Blog
Sometimes I think the best time of year is that brief stetch of time before the New Year begins…those few days in between Christmas and January 1st where people rest, and recover themselves, and start thinking about how they’re going to change themselves, become new at the start of the next year ahead.

Before the reality of those changes confronts you and you deal with the inevitable breakdown of those resolutions. When everything is exciting and possible.

It’s a cop-out way to think, I know. Why not carry that enthusiasm and drive with you all year long? Why limit the excitment to a few days at the end of one year, and then — if you’re lucky — a month or so into the beginning of the next?

In, I say. In, in with the new. I am ready for 2015 and all of the possibilities that it might hold.

I hope it is a brighter year.