Black Friday, bring it on

Posted on Dec 9, 2010 in Blog

Even though it is Thursday.  Still feeling pretty black.

In a nutshell — everyone said no.  Seven rejections!  Seven rejections in the span of approximately four days — man, that has to be about as bad for the soul as the KFC Double Down is for the arteries.  I would say that I am incoherently upset — because that’s how I feel — but here I am, being coherent on the blog, so obviously that’s not the case.

Anyway, it’s not all bad.  I had a great talk with the editor at HarperCollins on Monday, regarding things that we thought I could do to revise the book.  Granted, the conversation was at the time more exciting because there was a part of me madly hoping that the talk was taking place in the context of her wanting to give me an offer for publication, but still, she made some good points.  And apparently she wants to see the book again when I revise.  As does the editor at Random House.  Again, good news.  They could have said you suck, go away and never come back, and they did not.  So that’s that.

I have a phone call scheduled with Sam tomorrow morning re: What’s Next.  She wants to discuss timelines for resubmitting next year.  I am guessing probably June/Julyish.  I need to take some time away from the book to focus on other things.

Like, say, getting a job.  And moving somewhere where it will be possible to get a job, because work is surprisingly scarce out here in the boonies, when you have no driver’s license and are dependent on your parents to ferry you everywhere.

Oh, and declaring bankruptcy.  Which appears to be another thing I’ll need to focus on.